Welcoming Zola Nombona To The Avroy Shlain Family!

Say hello to Avroy Shlain’s new brand ambassador, Zola Nombona. Between her broad, nationwide appeal; her absolute comfort in her own skin; the easy way she balances the traditions of her heritage against the demands of modernity; and, of course, her jaw-dropping...

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Welcome, Miss Coppélia

This month, we welcome a new scent - based on Coppélia, our number 1 fragrance - to Avroy Shlain’s extensive and tempting range of quality fragrances. A modern reimagining of one of our most exotic and iconic scents, Miss Coppélia breathes new life into the...

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Introducing Ellenor Ndlovu, Avroy Shlain’s Makeup Expert

Bonus: “How-to” makeup tips for the best-selling Avroy Shlain products Say hello to Ellenor Ndlovu and welcome this sparkling star of the beauty industry to the Avroy Shlain family, as our very own makeup expert. We are incredibly excited to welcome someone who has...

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Merry Christmas and Thank You, Dear Customer

4 Thoughts to inspire your gift-giving this year We’ve been teasing since October1, but it’s finally that time of the year again. Time to send the season’s greetings; to wrap pressies, fill stockings, and spread festive feelings to all the precious people who fill our...

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Must haves to let your beauty shine this spring

Hello sunshine, spring has sprung! With bursts of colour and floral scents, spring is officially here. We have the perfect spring must-haves to let your beauty shine all season long. Showcase your vibrant beauty, whether you’re working, playing or simply pampering...

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We Believe That True Beauty Shines When You Believe

Being beautiful is not just about your looks. It’s looking into your inner self - your true being that defines who you are. This is why our brand is not just about giving women high quality products that beautify them physically. We are all about creating a spirit...

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