Avroy and Beryl Shlain started the company in 1973, developing and marketing a small range of high-quality skincare products. Since then Avroy Shlain has steadily grown into one of the largest direct selling beauty companies in South Africa.

In 2005, we became part of Tupperware Brand Corporation, making us part of an international group of brands specialising in direct selling.

Today we feature as one of the largest number of distributors throughout South Africa, Namibia and Botswana, and were voted as one of the top 3 Beauty & Cosmetic Brands in 2013 by the Sunday Times.

We’ve excelled in developing leading-edge beauty products, including quality skincare for men and women, personal care, fragrances, and colour cosmetics, ensuring all women look and feel fantastic. This is our way of empowering women all around South Africa and positively affecting their lives.

“ Avroy Shlain is poised for explosive growth in the future as we offer everyday woman like you, the opportunity to let your true beauty shine through, giving you the opportunity to make money, be a business leader and grow with confidence” – Kobus Minnaar, Managing Director


What is beauty?
How you look?
How you behave?

We believe that beauty is how you feel.
We believe that a woman who loves herself will love others.
A woman that respects herself, will respect the world she lives in.
And a woman that shines from within will light up everything around her.
Beauty is having a passion for life.
It’s being true to yourself, and what you believe in,
and using that to make a difference and realise your dreams.

That’s why we create beauty products and fragrances that enhance your true beauty.
Products designed to express you, not change you.
And that allow you to find your beauty and live it, your way.

Avroy Shlain, True Beauty Shines